Friday, January 13, 2012

Molly: Two Months

I feel like I was just writing Molly's One Month post yesterday (and part of me feels like that was forever ago!).

Our little girl is now 2 months old! She is growing and changing everyday and we are enjoying seeing her little personality start to come out.

She is smiling a lot (after we eat and are full and happy) and has started having some intense cooing sessions with her dad and myself. We can sit with her and talk back and forth. She tries her best to make the same noises we do and replicate the faces we are making. Its adorable!

A few firsts we have had is our first happy hour when the weather was beautiful last week. She did really well, only got fussy at the very end. We also had our first trip to the grocery store, another success and our first visit to our favorite taco spot Fuzzy's. We are really enjoying getting out with her more and more but its still a bit tricky to plan as she continues to not be a big fan of the car seat and she has about 1 hour of happy time after a feeding before she gets really cranky from being tired.

We are continuing to adjust to the whole being parents thing and while each day is a new challenge and some are much harder than others we are making it through. And no matter what, each day is filled with huge amounts of love for our little girl.

9 pounds even
21 1/2" long
14 1/2" head

Activity play mat
Talking to Mom and Dad
Her new swaddle blanket
Sitting on Mom and Dad's knees

Taking her medicine
Being in the car-seat for too long
Not getting her naps

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