Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I realize it has been awhile since I updated you on the human being that I am currently creating (that sounds so impressive right).  So I bring you the bumpdate (bump + update).

Check out that growing belly!  Yikes!

Our little bean (Molly) is now moving around all of the time and kicking me throughout the day.  Chase has been able to feel her several times now as well.  Such a strange and wonderful feeling.

We have our next doc appt tomorrow where we will find out how Molly is doing in there.

I am feeling great and trying to enjoy every minute because its flying by!  Our little baby girl will be here in less than 4 months.

Baby Stats:
23 weeks along
Baby is about 11 inches (the size of a papaya!)
Weighs about 20 ounces

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

the nursery: step one-paint

As soon as we found out that we are having a little girl I was ready to start shopping and decorating.  I knew prior to finding out the gender a few of the neutral things I wanted to do and instantly started filling in the gaps in my head with girl tailored ideas after our reveal party.

But to start things off we had to paint.  Lucky for me my Mom volunteered herself (not sure why) to come stay with us for a week and help with the painting.  Or really more do all of the painting with a little bit of my help.

Our house was painted all the same brown/beige color before we moved in so we had a blank canvas to work with.  I knew long ago that regardless of boy or girl the walls were going to be a fun green color.  Its a great base for either gender and goes well with blue or pink accessories.  After we found out I also decided I wanted to paint the inside of the closet pink for a pop of girl fun and to add an additional layer to the room.  We chose Olympic zero voc Lettuce Alone for the walls and Pink Persuasion for the closet that we picked up at the local Lowe's.


We also tackled the ceiling, painting it white to keep the room feeling bright and airy.

We are extremely happy with the painting project and the way the colors turned out.  Can't wait to continue making the nursery the perfect home for our little girl.

Stay tuned for the nursery mood board post.

Friday, July 1, 2011

friday five: 3 day holiday weekend


What is better than a 3 day weekend?  Throw in a holiday with food and fireworks.  Come on!  Perfection. With all the big plans out there, we are keeping our holiday weekend simple.  No boats, no road trip, just good ol' fashion weekend fun.

4th of July Friday Five:

  1. Family- My parents and my little brother (by little I mean 23) are coming to town to hang out and enjoy what the weekend has to offer.
  2. Shopping- What better to do with your Mom and a big ol' city like Dallas than go shopping.  I see some baby purchases in our future.
  3. Food- Grilling and ballpark hot dogs with strawberries and apple pie thrown in.  Yum!
  4. Baseball- an all out family affair at the ballpark to watch the Rangers.  Does it get more American?
  5. Fireworks- home grown and professional.  The only acceptable combination.
What is everyone else up to on this glorious 3 day weekend?  Whatever it is, be safe and have fun!  And oh yea..don't forget to turn off that alarm for Monday morning.