Tuesday, April 26, 2011

something old, something blue, something borrowed, something new

I realize its been awhile since I posted something about the wedding and since there are a million things I haven't shared yet I have plenty to post about.

I thought I would share with you my something old and something blue which happened to be the same thing.  Since our wedding was far from traditional I wasn't super hung up on getting all the somethings for our wedding day and just let it kind of happen.

The most special item of all the somethings was what I used at the something old/something blue.  Its a handkerchief passed down from my great grandma that also happened to have a little blue in it.  I also had on it on reserve in case I needed it if I cried.  I did cry but not enough to warrant pulling out the hanky.  Plus, since my wedding dress had pockets, yes pockets, I was able to tuck my special hanky in my pocket along with my lip gloss.

Hallie  and Chase 0295

Another special item was my something borrowed.  My dress was pretty basic so I wanted a little something to add some detail and bling to it.  That is where my grandma's broach came in.  Its an old broach she has had for years and it was perfect.  It had a vintage look that went with the style of my dress and added just a touch of bling.

Hallie  and Chase 0281

And I kind of cheated on my something new...my wedding dress!  ha!

Just some little details from our wedding day, things that made the day perfect and so special for us.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

where in the world is hallie?

You might have been wondering where I have been.  Well, I have been on my deathbed.  At least thats what it felt like.  I have been sick with a severe cold and bronchitis for two weeks.  Yes, two weeks.  Its the longest I can ever remember being sick.

During the two weeks I made a few attempts to go back to work and to get out of the house which just resulted in me over doing it and making me feel worse.  So for the most part I have been lying on the couch watching terrible awful daytime television or sleeping in my bed tucked under the covers.

I was dosing myself with a cocktail of over the counter pills that seemed to do absolutely nothing.  I finally got the aid of the all powerful Z-Pack a few days ago and I am already feeling better.  Just wish I would have had that about a week ago.

Chase and I were supposed to be in Washington D.C. this past week and weekend but we had to cancel our trip at the last minute because I just wasn't feeling much better.  This cold really put me down and ruined our vacation!

I had never felt this bad in my entire life (that I could remember).  But I think I am finally coming out of it.  So, I am back.  New blogs to come!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers

Last night at 3am Chase and I were startled awake by none other than our dog Paisley.  There is nothing like being woken up by a 65 pound dog jumping on your bed and squeezing in between you and your husband.  Especially when the dog is freaking out.

A big storm rolled through Dallas for several hours last night with intense lightning and loud crashing thunder that shook our 60 year old windows and set off neighbors car alarms.  It also set off Paisley.  For some reason she has become very afraid of storms and its a pretty recent development.  Not too long ago she didn't care at all about storms and would sleep right through them but lately every time there is a hint of thunder she does her best to get as close to us as possible.

This would be fine except for the fact that she is so worked up she pants constantly and it shakes the entire bed.  And the panting is right in your face so you pretty much can't sleep.  So Chase and I had a fun evening last night listening to the rain and thunder and trying to calm our dog enough that we could actually get some sleep.

Welcome April Showers...hopefully all this headache will at least bring some pretty May Flowers.

Friday, April 1, 2011

this weeks friday five

I know, I know...I am slacking on my blog posts.  Been being lazy when I get home from work and have kind of had a block in terms of what I want to post about.  But the friday five is back this week.

1. Low key date night- grabbing some dinner at one of our local favs and then cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie.
2. Sleeping in- going to enjoy not getting up before 7am for a couple days.
3. Taxes- ugh.  I have been bad this year and have put off my taxes until (gasp!) April.  Time to sit down and force myself to do them, no matter how tedious and boring it is.
4. Organize- there are closets that are constantly in the back of my mind because they are so out of control.  Going to try to clean those out and do a little organizing so I can be at peace.
5. Bake- it's been awhile since I baked something and I think its time.  My mom got me a cookie book for Valentine's Day so I think I might make some yummy cookies.  This will probably be a disaster because I suck at baking but we will see.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!