Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas as Three

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year but this year it was extra special as our first holiday as a family of three (4 really...Paisley our dog). While Molly is too young to have any idea what is going on it was still so fun having her first Christmas. And we got to introduce her to lots of family and friends.

We headed to Oklahoma City for a full week before Christmas so we could get settled in and enjoy the help of a few extra hands as grandparents soaked up some good Molly time. It was so nice and we enjoyed the help. Our time back home came to an end before we knew it and we already miss being in OKC with everybody, but time to resume real life and get ready to ring in 2012.

In the meantime a few photos to share...

Bath time at the grandparents house

Big Smiles!

Chill time with Daddy

Reading The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve

Playing with new toys from Santa

Opening presents on Christmas morning

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday!!

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