Thursday, October 13, 2011

no more mattresses on the floor

We decided it was time to get our act together. After all we are going to be parents in around 4 weeks, we better start acting like adults. And adults don't sleep on mattresses on the least not my version of adults. Not adults with kids. So, with time running out before our  lil one gets here I decided it was time to  take it up a notch and buy a bed.

If you remember from this post about bed hunting (yes, from May of last year!) we sold Chase's bed so we could buy a new one. Well, a year and half later and still no bed. We were still bunking up like college kids in a small apartment on a mattress tossed on the floor of our bedroom. No bueno.

We had never really given up on the bed idea, we just hadn't found one we liked (it takes us awhile to pull the trigger). Our fallback bed was the Jackson from Crate&Barrel and when we finally decided to just bite the bullet a couple of weeks ago and get it we found out it was discontinued. Way to procrastinate right! So back to square one. But this time with much more determination and a deadline.

I decided to peruse and came across a bed I thought might actually work. Chase wouldn't be able to give it his patented shake test since it was online but from all the positive and glowing reviews we read we decided we didn't need to shake it. Screw it...order the damn thing! And so we did.

We stayed up til 1am last night putting this bad boy together. And we were very pleased with the quality of construction and the wood materials. 

Adults! A real bed! Voila!

NOW we can have a baby.  

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