Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Artwork

In lieu of a guestbook at our wedding we had Wedding Wishes. We didn't really see the value of a book full of signatures of everybody who attended, so we wanted to do something different. Instead, as part of our wedding brand, we had blank wish cards printed up and invited guests to jot down any messages of advice, good luck, congratulatory remarks etc. It went over well, with the exception of not posting someone at the table to make sure everyone participated. But what we did get was great.

We cherish the lovely, hilarious and a little bit inappropriate messages we got from our friends and family. Much more fun to read through these than to analyze people's handwriting in a guest book. We dig the pile out every now and then to read through but we wanted a more permanent way to display some of our favorites in our home. Something we could showcase. Our solution, frame a few.

We took the sign that we had on the table next to the cards, picked out 7 cards that we really like and had them custom framed. What we ended up with is a very personal and special piece of art. We are proudly displaying it in our living room. It looks fantastic and its fun to stop by and read a message every now and then.

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  1. Much better than a guest book that you'll never look at! Sometimes you have great ideas.