Thursday, September 22, 2011

the nursery: closet makeover

When Chase and I first moved into our house the closet in the master bedroom was not very functional. While huge (which is rare for a 1958 house) it lacked any real usable space. It only had a single rod across the middle of the entire closet...not going to cut it.  So one of our first projects (with some major help from my Dad) was to construct a custom closet set up.


We ended up with a very organized and usable closet space. 

So when it came time to make use of the closet in the nursery we knew we needed another custom closet build from good ol' Dad (so I asked him and I used "daddy" which gets him every time).

The closet started out like this (another single rod, seriously?!):

And after all was said and done, it now looks like this:

With these awesome curtains I found at Ikea.

We now have lots of storage, rods for tons of baby clothes (which we keep buying-they are so tiny and cute), and cubbies for toys and blankets and other nursery items. We love it!

Thanks Dad! 

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