Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Month 8 has begun...

32 weeks/8 months 32 weeks/8 months32 weeks/8 months

The "bump" is now a meaningless term as my belly has full out gotten huge! Still feeling great, a little tired now and then but for the most part enjoying the pregnancy.

Our lil Molly is now starting to stick her appendages out and we try to identify which body part is protruding out of my stomach. Its a fun game.

Things like tying my shoes, picking things up off the floor, rolling over in bed...all getting increasingly difficult. Chase enjoys watching me struggle. : )

Baby Stats:

33 weeks
17 inches long
Weighs over 4 pounds
Compared to a pineapple


  1. yay! you look so cute!!! Is that a crib I see poking out? I can't wait to see the rest of it??