Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As of today, exactly today, Molly is two months away from coming into this world and joining our family (based on her due date).  While we are absolutely ecstatic about meeting our little bean in person we also realize how dramatically our lives are going to change. So, we took the advice of many and went on a couple babymoons over the past month.

babymoon noun a special holiday taken by parents-to-be before their first baby is born

Our first trip was to Washington D.C. to visit my cousin who recently moved there and take in the history of our great nation. Chase had been a couple times (in middle school and high school) but I had never been before.

We squeezed our trip in right after the earthquake and weathered out a tropical storm while we were there. Very exciting. We spent most of our days seeing the sites/monuments/museums and eating delicious food.







Our second trip was a weekend baseball trip to St. Louis. We are huge Atlanta Braves fans going back to my Dad's childhood and they were playing the St. Louis Cardinals. My Dad called us up a few weeks back and said we are going to St. Louis to see the Braves play...And so we did!

The Braves played three games and we went to all of them. Unfortunately they got swept (they lost them all for you non-sport ppl) but we still had a blast!  Again there was lots of sites to take in and good food to be had. We even found a famous BBQ joint called Pappy's to indulge in. It was delicious.




We are so happy and fortunate we were able to take these trips, spend some time together and hang out with family before our world is turned upside down (in a good way of course).

Now its time to focus on Baby Molly's upcoming arrival. The final countdown is on!

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