Friday, June 3, 2011

friday five: garage sale


This is a special friday five because we are having a garage sale!  So exciting right...well it is for me.  It means I get to rid myself of the unwanted and pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it.

So, all garage sale inspired, this weeks friday five:

1. Garage sale prep- spending most of the day today, friday, cleaning out the remaining things for the sale, pricing things and getting everything set up (my Mom and Dad are coming from OKC to help)
2. Garage sale sale- We opted to do a Saturday only sale, so from 9am to 4pm on Sat we will be selling, selling, selling
3. Garage sale recovery- a nice dinner with the hubby and parents to wind down (and hopefully count our tons and tons of money!)
4. More Garage sale recovery- Pedicures.  What better way to relax and recover from a garage sale.  Mom and I will be enjoying this treat on Sunday.
5. Garage sale leftovers- packing up the remaining items that didn't sale to be donated to Salvation Army

Sounds like a successful (and profit making) weekend!

Happy weekend to all.

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