Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big Purchase

Last week Chase and I made our first big baby purchase.  I had been itching to buy something that declared "we are having a baby!"  But of course, I wasn't just going to buy something irrational.

I patiently did my research, read reviews, shopped online, weighed pros and cons and then BOUGHT!

Our first baby purchase...a stroller!

The Peg-Perego Pliko Switch in Kiwi.  I really like the green because its gender neutral so we can use it on the next kiddo as well.  We first heard of this brand when Chase spotted it on the sitcom Modern Family.  Mitchell and Cameron were sporting this with Lily in an orange color.  We liked the overall look of it (and we knew Mitchell and Cameron would only have the best) so we Google'd it.  Don't worry, we didn't base our entire decision on hollywood prop selection.  We did our own research as well.  

Some features we like:
  • Folds up easily and gets very compact
  • Very good turn radius
  • Can face the baby towards you or out towards the world
  • Adjustable handle length (fits Chase and myself)
  • Good user reviews (durable, comfortable etc.)
  • Good safety ratings
  • Gender neutral color
The only con I found was the Italian sized cup holder that doesn't hold an American 20oz.  Oh well.  

And the very best part...we got a great deal on it at a store closing.  Over $100 off!  So our first baby purchase was a budget conscious one as well.

Doesn't he look like a natural?  We have been doing a little practicing.  And yes, that is our teddy bear we strapped inside.  Don't judge us.


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