Monday, May 16, 2011

summer treat

One of the best things about the summertime is enjoying my favorite summer treat, the 7-11 icy, or slurpee as they are called here in Dallas.  It's the frozen frosty beverage that will cool you off and make your hot summer day as perfect as possible.

I have been drinking 7-11 slurpees since I was old enough to drink out of a straw.  My parents would take my brother and I on bike rides through the neighborhood to 7-11 with the entire goal of the ride to end up with an icy in hand.  The half coke half cherry has always been the perfect combination.  And don't kid yourself, no other convenience store "iced" beverage is the same as the blended goodness that you get at 7-11.

In order to keep the integrity of this drink intact I only allow myself to drink them during the summer, so for the next couple months I will be in icy heaven.  (and no that was not an ode to 7-11's old Thank Heaven for 7-11 slogan)

Happy Summertime everyone!

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