Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five

I am back with another addition of Friday Five.


This weekend is all about having fun.  And we really started the fun off last night when Chase surprised me with tickets to OKC Thunder vs Mavs playoff game in Dallas.  We had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed watching our beloved Thunder take down the Mavs in game 2.  But...for the rest of the weekend:

1. Fun & Games- we are headed to Dave and Buster's for food and games with some friends.  I am really excited about skeeball and basketball.
2. Shopping- its been awhile since we have shopped the Allen Outlets in Frisco so our Saturday morning will consist of some good quality shopping time.  Lucky for me my husband likes to shop too!
3. In-N-Out Burger- opened their first restaurants in Dallas a couple weeks back and lucky for us there is one in Frisco near the outlet mall.  Hopefully the line won't be too bad.  : )
4. Thunder Game 3- coming off the Thunder's awesome win in Dallas on Thurs night, game 3 is back in OKC on Saturday night.  Going to sport our Thunder gear and cheer them on from the couch.
5. Mad Men- the Netflix fairy dropped off disc 3 of season 4 a couple days ago.  Sunday will consist of marathoning through the 3 episodes.

6. Top Golf- only the best thing ever!  Its a driving range that keeps track of points based on where you hit the golf balls.  Oh and did I mention you have a waitress that serves up a full food menu and full bar.  Genius!

Pretty decent weekend I think.  What are your weekend plans?

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