Sunday, April 17, 2011

where in the world is hallie?

You might have been wondering where I have been.  Well, I have been on my deathbed.  At least thats what it felt like.  I have been sick with a severe cold and bronchitis for two weeks.  Yes, two weeks.  Its the longest I can ever remember being sick.

During the two weeks I made a few attempts to go back to work and to get out of the house which just resulted in me over doing it and making me feel worse.  So for the most part I have been lying on the couch watching terrible awful daytime television or sleeping in my bed tucked under the covers.

I was dosing myself with a cocktail of over the counter pills that seemed to do absolutely nothing.  I finally got the aid of the all powerful Z-Pack a few days ago and I am already feeling better.  Just wish I would have had that about a week ago.

Chase and I were supposed to be in Washington D.C. this past week and weekend but we had to cancel our trip at the last minute because I just wasn't feeling much better.  This cold really put me down and ruined our vacation!

I had never felt this bad in my entire life (that I could remember).  But I think I am finally coming out of it.  So, I am back.  New blogs to come!

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