Monday, April 4, 2011

April Showers

Last night at 3am Chase and I were startled awake by none other than our dog Paisley.  There is nothing like being woken up by a 65 pound dog jumping on your bed and squeezing in between you and your husband.  Especially when the dog is freaking out.

A big storm rolled through Dallas for several hours last night with intense lightning and loud crashing thunder that shook our 60 year old windows and set off neighbors car alarms.  It also set off Paisley.  For some reason she has become very afraid of storms and its a pretty recent development.  Not too long ago she didn't care at all about storms and would sleep right through them but lately every time there is a hint of thunder she does her best to get as close to us as possible.

This would be fine except for the fact that she is so worked up she pants constantly and it shakes the entire bed.  And the panting is right in your face so you pretty much can't sleep.  So Chase and I had a fun evening last night listening to the rain and thunder and trying to calm our dog enough that we could actually get some sleep.

Welcome April Showers...hopefully all this headache will at least bring some pretty May Flowers.

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