Thursday, March 24, 2011

spring yardwork

What's more fun than yardwork?!  Everything.  But it has to be done.

This past weekend Chase and I tackled some clean up in the backyard and some prep work for flowers to be planted.  We spent most of our time raking out the beds and bagging up all the leaves and dried ugly leftover mulch.  We also did some weed pulling for good measure.

The yard is looking much better but we have lots of work left.  We still have to top seed the grass where the sod didn't take hold last year because it was too shady.  Plus its time to really start watering and fertilizing so the yard comes back nice and green and full.

In the meantime Chase planted some beautiful flowers in the flowerbed by our bedroom window.  He surprised me when I came home yesterday.  Planted flowers are so much more romantic than a vase full.



Don't you just love the Spring?

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