Friday, March 11, 2011

friday five

Welcome to the very first edition of the Friday Five.  I am going to share 5 things, plans, events etc. that I have going on for the weekend.  Unfortunately I did not pick an overly exciting weekend to kick-off this new topic but what can ya do?

St. Patrick's Day 2010

So here it is...this weeks Friday Five:

  1. Annual Greenville St. Patrick's Day Parade (since 1979)- Chase and I, along with my friend Patti, made our first appearance at this parade last year and were totally unprepared.  This is no small neighborhood parade.  It's intense.  So this year we are going decked out in our green St. Paddy's day attire along with drinks and snacks to make this go-round even better than last year.
  2. Yard work- Its that time of year again.  Spring is indeed springing and we have lots of cleanup and prep work that needs to be done.  Time to tackle it.
  3. Pedicure- My toes are begging me for a nice relaxing spa pedicure.  I will be indulging alongside my friend and neighbor for some much needed me time.
  4. Spring cleaning- Our closets are about to bust at the seam!  Clothes and shoes have gotten out of control.  Its time to get serious and toss/donate the items we are not wearing.
  5. Book our honeymoon- Yes, we still haven't been on our honeymoon. It will be almost 5 months after our wedding by the time we finally hit that hot sand.  Punta Cana here we come!!
So thats my weekend breakdown.  What is your Friday Five?

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