Thursday, March 10, 2011

all about the challenge

While I am not a very religious person I do still like to participate in Lent every year.  Its mainly about the challenge of trying to give something up that you really have a dependency or addiction to.  None of this, I am giving up walking backwards kind of stuff.  I am talking serious fasting of things that I really enjoy doing on a regular basis.

So what am I giving up you ask?  I put a few things on my plate this year.

#1- Facebook.  Yep, you heard me right.  I am giving up Facebook for 40 days!  I don't know what I was thinking.  This one is going to be very hard.  I have a severe addiction to semi-stalking my friends through the internet.  The worst part...I think this one is going to the hardest to give up!

#2- Alcohol.  I have given up alcohol in the past before for various reasons.  It's definitely a challenge but its something I can overcome.  The worst part is having to pass on happy hours or sit and watch other people enjoy an ice cold beer.

#3- Simple carbs.  This is something else I have abstained from before.  Its hard, its really hard.  I LOVE carbs. This time around I am allowing myself complex carbs that are good for me like sweet potatoes and brown rice.

#4- Caffeine.  A close tie with Facebook for the most enduring of my fasts.  I don't drink a ton of caffeine but my morning ritual contains a nice warm cup of Starbucks that I thoroughly enjoy.  The first week will be tough because I have a physical dependency that results in a mind numbing headache if caffeine doesn't hit my system by 9am.

So there you have it.  40 days and 40 nights of no Facebook, alcohol, simple carbs or caffeine.  Whew.  Can't wait for Easter Sunday!


  1. Lent usually means giving up only one thing; one big sacrifice.....why so many? Why torture yourself; caffeine or alcohol; not both!

  2. One thing just isn't enough...gotta do it big!