Monday, January 17, 2011

the getaway car

When I was a little kid I would visit my Aunt and Uncle in Ada, Oklahoma for a couple weeks during the summer.  One of the best parts about the visit was cruising around town in their 1970's yellow Volkswagen convertible Bug named Bert.  He was so much fun to ride in and everyone always gave you envious looks because he was so damn cool.  So when we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do for our wedding exit naturally Bert came to mind.

The groomsmen did their part and dressed Bert up in Just Married decor.

Hallie  and Chase 0989

Hallie  and Chase 0999

We made our exit out of the reception venue amidst bubbles and hoots and hollers from our guests.

Hallie  and Chase 1356

It was a chilly night in November but we wanted to ride in style with the top down, and at this point we were so giddy and high on having just been married we didn't even feel the cold.

Hallie  and Chase 1370

My cousins were nice enough to stop drinking at the reception so they could safely drive us to our hotel.

Hallie  and Chase 1380

It was the perfect way to ride off into our new married life together.  Thanks Bert.

Hallie  and Chase 1384

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