Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the all important wedding cake

A lot of things about our wedding were non-traditional, we liked doing things our own way and that didn't stop when it came to the wedding cake and the grooms cake cupcakes.

Our first priority was not how it looked but how it tasted.  Yes, surprise.  Taste was the # 1 factor.  I have been to so many weddings where the cake was beautiful but tasted like cardboard.  No thank you.  We tasted cakes at two different places to make sure we got the best cake possible.  And in the end we were very pleased.

After we got the yummy factor taken care of it was time to decide on the look.  Our overall wedding was fairly modern and simple with a small fall tree theme woven in.  That's exactly what we did with the cake.  Our wedding invitations served as inspiration and we kept a modern look with the bottom two tiers square and the top tier round.

Hallie  and Chase 0752

We continued our DIY approach by making our own cake topper.  Chase and I wanted to re-create a tree trunk carving look so we dremeled our initials into a piece of wood and then torched it to make it look old and rustic.  The wooden cake stand was a butcher block my dad hand made.  Turned out perfect.

Hallie  and Chase 0754

We decided on 3 flavors for our cake so to help educate the guests on their choices we made sure to display the flavors for all to see.

Hallie  and Chase 0756

For the grooms cake we wanted to do something delicious and easy to eat.  Cupcakes.  Yes, I know.  Cupcakes as the grooms cake is all the rage but it fit for us.  We had red velvet and carrot cake.  To tie into our 'luckiest' clover history (our song is The Luckiest by Ben Folds and our symbol is a 4 leaf clover) we topped them off with green clovers. They were amazing.

Hallie  and Chase 0759

The cake was the one thing I ended up being nervous about because I didn't have a chance to see it before the reception.  I had a nightmare that the entire cake would be completely wrong.  But it was perfect and I absolutely loved it!

Big thanks to Johnnie's Sweet Creations for making the cake and cupcakes.  You guys rocked!


  1. We got our cake from Johnnie's and it was fantastic! I just wish I had gotten to eat more of it.

  2. Very true! I think I had more cake at the tasting than I did at the wedding. Oh well.