Thursday, December 30, 2010

making it official

In order to be legit with this wedding we had to go to the courthouse, hold up our right hands and swear that we were not currently married to someone else -- among other things.  Because Chase and I both had to be present and we live in Dallas we got the license the day before our wedding.  Cutting it close.

But they were open, thank god, and we filled out our info, paid our $50 bucks and walked out with our marriage license...ready to get married.

And then, with all our friends as witnesses we signed this bad boy and made it official.



It was a little more complicated than we thought AND we probably should have done this before drinking all that wine and champagne.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

kiss the bride

I wanted to share one of my favorite moments of our wedding ceremony, the kiss.

Chase and I had talked a little bit about the kiss and what we wanted to do, just so it wouldn't be awkward and we would bump heads or something.  We discussed a lot of different ideas...some really cheesy and some boring.  In the end we both liked the idea of Chase dipping me.  Its classic, romantic and sweet.  And so he did, and it was perfect.


This isn't the best angle to see the full on dip but you get the idea.

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas

Wanting to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! To spread the cheer I thought I would share my favorite holiday commercial of this year that makes me think back to all the mornings growing up as a young kid.  Thanks Target for the fantastic commercial.

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

may we have the rings please


I knew that our wedding day wasn't going to be perfect.  Despite all the hard work and planning I had put in, its never exactly how you plan it.  But I was okay with that...the only part I didn't like was not knowing when and where something was going to go wrong.  I didn't have to wait too long to find out.

The day had been a little hectic.  Our wedding was DIY and we didn't have a wedding planner so all the decorating we did ourselves.  Luckily my Mom was kick-ass and all my bridesmaids were awesome so it wasn't too crazy.  After decorating the ceremony venue and the reception venue I had to run back home and get all of things to get ready at the hotel.  Once we all got to the hotel time flew by.  We were rushed but nothing was overlooked or forgotten.

The ceremony started and we were all in our places.  I was getting word that Chase and all the guys were in place so it was almost showtime for me.  Once I started walking down the aisle I pretty much zoned in on Chase and forgot all about everything else around me.  The ceremony was going along very smooth, we said our vows which we had written and other than a little tears it was perfect.  Then it was time to exchange the rings.  This is where things got a little off plan.


Tim, our best friend and officiant, asked the best man for the rings.  I saw Charlie step back and put his hand in Tim's to pass the rings but I noticed nothing was actually exchanged.  No rings.  Then Tim slyly pulled off his own "wrench ring" (a ring made out of a small wrench that all the guys have) and put it in his hand and handed it to Chase.  As Chase repeated after Tim he slipped this wrench ring on my finger.  My real ring was nowhere in sight.  That's right, Charlie (best man) had left the rings in the car.  WE HAVE NO WEDDING RINGS.  But, we had to just go with it.  So after Chase put the ring on my finger I had to slip it off and use it as Chase's ring as well.  Whoops.


As it turned out, nobody in attendance even noticed.  Not even the bridesmaids.  So we pulled it off.  And after the ceremony Charlie ran out to the car to get the real rings and we said the vows over again and slipped on the real things.


Makes for one hell of a story.  If something had to go wrong, this I didn't mind at all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bedlam 2010

bedlam  noun  (bedləm)
A place or situation of chaotic uproar, and where confusion prevails.

In Oklahoma, college football rules the Fall and Winter season and at the end of every regular season Bedlam takes center stage.  Bedlam is the rivalry game between the state's top universities, The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.  Check out the elaborate definition and history of The Bedlam Series at Wikipedia, its actually quite interesting.

However, the only tidbit of information you really need to know is that Oklahoma currently leads the series 82-16-7.   The other interesting piece of information is that Chase and I are on opposite sides of the Bedlam rivalry, which leads to some pretty interesting game days.

This year Bedlam was only a few short days removed from our wedding so it was extra special and exciting.  And I must mention that Paisley (our dog) is an OU fan.  


We decided to ride to Stillwater for the game in style.


And I was forced to tailgate with a bunch of Pokes.


But we ended up with great seats for the game.  It turned out to be a total showdown.  Very exciting.


In the end, OU was victorious!!  OU:47 - OSU:41

Next stop...Big 12 Championship.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

tis the season

It has been a family tradition of mine to always have real Christmas trees, none of that synthetic pre-lit stuff. I must admit last year we went the fake route, mainly because we weren't in Dallas much around the holidays.  Well this year, as a married couple, it was time to start our own traditions...which included a real Christmas tree.

We dedicated an entire Friday evening to finding, purchasing, and decorating our first Vincent family Christmas tree.  The first tree we found was a little too big for our house.

The second one we picked out was perfect. We actually got it at Whole Foods. Its organic. ha! We brought it home, mixed up some spiked egg nog and got to decorating.

It turned out SO good. Plus, the smell is amazing. Makes our entire house smell like Christmas.

And we added our stockings too.

Oh how I LOVE the holidays. Tis the season.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

where I work

In addition to getting married 2 1/2 weeks ago I also made a job switch.  I know...crazy right. A lot of life changes happening all at once!  But they are good ones.

I now work for SixCubits which is a division of a local Dallas based advertising agency, Slingshot.  I first heard about and interviewed with Slingshot before making the move to Dallas so when this opportunity presented itself I was more than a little excited to make the move.

So far so good, I am really loving it.  Plus I am so excited to get back into an agency environment, the energy is unlike any other industry.

More to come...