Thursday, July 29, 2010

dress shopping

First of all, I apologize for the absence of posts lately. We had a house full of guests over the weekend and then I came down with the summer cold. Yuck. But...alas here I am writing a post.

So...dress shopping. With our wedding coming up in November we have a lot of showers over the next few months. I think that you only get married once SO you are allowed to purchase a new dress for each shower. Right. It only makes sense.

My first wedding related non wedding gown dress purchase was for the rehearsal dinner. I snagged it from ModCloth, and awesome vintage inspired online shopping site. It was at a reasonable price and they have free return shipping in case you don't like it. (that helped calm my fears of online shopping) is my rehearsal dinner dress.

I got it in the mail a couple days ago and its SO cute. I might need to exchange for a smaller size but I love it!

Now, only three more dresses to buy. : )

Friday, July 23, 2010

weekend plans

More friends are in town this weekend so more fun is coming our way. We have a full weekend of catching up and hanging out so I am really looking forward to it.

The plans:

  • Dinner and drinks on the town for Friday evening
  • Possible pool crashing to beat the Texas heat
  • Rangers baseball game with beer and hotdogs
  • General all around good times
Jayme and Jeff, throwback pic from 2006 - - don't judge us

Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh good lord!

Last weekend my Mom, Chase and myself made a quick little trip to Downtown Carrolton to stroll the square and its shops and eat at Babe's Chicken.

Since Chase and I moved here almost 8 months ago everyone we have come across has sworn by Babe's Chicken. And boy do I love me some fried chicken! Yum!

Last Saturday was finally our day to check it out. It lived up to every recommendation. I mean, good lord! The fried chicken just melts in your mouth and the sides of mashed potatoes, cream corn, green beans and


We had to roll ourselves out of that place and it was a HUGE cheat on my eating plan but it was worth every calorie!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

eyeing these

Chase pointed these little babies out at the mall a couple months back. (What a good male shopping partner he is). I have had my eye on them for awhile now but can't quite pull the trigger. I need a sale to help.

TOMS Navy Stripe Calypso Canvas Wedges

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

exploring the metroplex: highland park pharmacy and soda fountain

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While out shopping with my Mom last weekend we came across a little blast from the old fashioned soda fountain.  These are just the little gems from times gone by that make me wish I lived in a different era.


The pharmacy and soda fountain has been in its current location since 1912 and is going on its fifth set of owners who have vowed to keep its historic traditions alive.


This cash register was the register that was used the day the pharmacy opened and until about 5 or 6 years ago it was still being used.  Now it sits up at the front as a showpiece to this landmarks past.


But my favorite part of this entire place was the soda fountain itself.  A long booth down the inside of the store with vintage barstools and a menu straight out of the 50's.  My mom and I split a delicious root beer float made with homemade ice cream.  So yummy.


Chase and I will be going back very soon to try out their grilled pb&j.

So fun to see a place with such history and charm still thriving today!

Monday, July 19, 2010

house guests

Since moving to Dallas Chase and I get to play host a lot.  Our house has become a revolving door, we have family and friends visiting all the time.  Don't get us wrong, we like it...we love it actually.

The past month has been very active...every weekend since mid June has had us welcoming new visitors into our home.  It has been a lot of fun but whew, are we exhausted.

This coming weekend is the last weekend in our house guest marathon and we are excited to have a couple of our good friends down to visit for the very first time.

Plus, house guests mean a clean casa and lots of good food and drinks.  Keep those guests coming!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my very first

Tuesday morning my co-worker and I took our office to the golf course and played a round at LB Houston course in Dallas.

For those of you that don't know, I have been golfing since I was about 10 years old.  I played in my first tournament at 10 or 11 and won 2nd place with a 58 for 9 holes.  I was hooked.  For the next 8 years I played golf competitively in the Junior PGA, the AJGA and in 6A High School.  I was very fortunate to win a lot of tournaments and finish as high as 4th in the State of Oklahoma in high school.  Golf was a huge part of my life.  I decided not to play at the college level (to the great dismay of my father) because I wanted to just be a student one time in my life.  I don't regret that decision at all.

I still continue to play golf when I have some free time and I have been fortunate enough to be a ringer in several four man scrambles and grab some women's longest drive titles.

But, one great accomplishment remained was a massive goal that was eluding me and has eluded many other great golfers.  A hole in one.  It is one of the hardest things to do in any sport.  To be able to mark a "1" on your scorecard.  The thrill of watching the ball disappear from the green altogether.

On Tuesday I was finally able to cross this goal off of my list!  On number 15, in the Texas heat, on a par 3 135 yard hole, I pulled out my 8 iron, teed it up, stroked a beautiful high draw then watched it hit the green and disappear off the face of the earth.  HOLE IN ONE!!  It was magical, unbelievable, shocking, and exhilarating.  Wow!

Me picking up my ball from the cup

My hole in one scorecard, check out #15

Something I will remember for the rest of my life.  My very first hole in one!

Friday, July 9, 2010

weekend plans

Another week has passed and another weekend of excitement is upon us.  This time instead of being the host (like we have the past few weekends) we are going to be the guests.  Finally.  I am looking forward to relaxing and not having to pick up after someone else constantly -- although I do live with Chase so.

This weekend we are headed to Tulsa, OK to see some of our good friends.  We are staying with one of my best friends Patti (also my Maid of Honor) and spending Saturday at the lake on her boat.  Yes, much needed lake time.

We are also going to stop by one of my other best friends Brittany's and see her new house for the first time.  And we are definitely going to squeeze in some delicious sushi and drinks tonight when we arrive.

Should be a blast!

Me, Brittany and Patti at an OU football game last year

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Favorite Wedding Blogs

Over the course of the last 8 months, since Chase I got engaged, I have been reading lots and lots of wedding blogs.  I use them for inspiration, tips, DIY stuff and much much more.  Plus all the weddings are just so gorgeous.  So, I wanted to pass along my favorites in hopes that they can inspire and help someone else who is in the throws of planning a wedding.  Ahh!!  135 days and counting!

1. Style Me Pretty

3. Elizabeth Ann Designs

4. Project Wedding

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gold Status

Finally.  I have purchased enough over priced cups of highly addictive but yet not good quality but still tastes so good its like crack coffee to earn me a gold card!  Yep thats right, I am an elite Starbucks coffee drinker.

I was notified of my new status a couple weeks ago but yesterday my shiny gold personalized VIP card arrived in the mail.  It's so pretty.

Be on look out for my VIP presence in a Starbucks near you...if you ask nicely I might show you my card.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am making these

While on my daily tour of the blog world I came across a new blog and a recipe I absolutely HAVE to try out.  And bonus..its super easy.

They are banana bites courtesy of Framed blog.  Don't they look to die for.  Plus, they are really easy to make and they look impressive.  Thanks for the recipe blog world!

Friday, July 2, 2010

weekend plans

Wow, I can't believe its already July.  This summer is flying by...and so comes the wedding.  Ahh, its going to sneak up on me.

So, what do to for this first weekend of July and Independence Day holiday.  Well Dallas has plenty to offer.

weekend plans:

  • Chase's Mom is coming into town Friday, she hasn't been to Dallas in 6 months
  • Saturday shopping- going to hit some of the shops they don't have back in OKC
  • Kaboom Town- ranked one of the top 10 firework shows in the nation...yes nation!  Its happening right here in North Dallas so we are going to check it out.
  • Baseball- nothing says American Independence like good ol' fashion baseball.  We are going to hit up the Rangers game Sunday night which is followed by a fireworks show
  • Arboretum- considering taking Chase's Mom to the Dallas gardens.  They are having patriotic music and bbq for the 4th.
  • More Fireworks- On Monday night Fair Park in Dallas is having its annual fireworks show coordinated with a music water show.  Should be interesting.
Geez...we should have our fill of fireworks for the year!

What is everybody else doing to celebrate the 4th?

Thursday, July 1, 2010