Saturday, December 11, 2010

tis the season

It has been a family tradition of mine to always have real Christmas trees, none of that synthetic pre-lit stuff. I must admit last year we went the fake route, mainly because we weren't in Dallas much around the holidays.  Well this year, as a married couple, it was time to start our own traditions...which included a real Christmas tree.

We dedicated an entire Friday evening to finding, purchasing, and decorating our first Vincent family Christmas tree.  The first tree we found was a little too big for our house.

The second one we picked out was perfect. We actually got it at Whole Foods. Its organic. ha! We brought it home, mixed up some spiked egg nog and got to decorating.

It turned out SO good. Plus, the smell is amazing. Makes our entire house smell like Christmas.

And we added our stockings too.

Oh how I LOVE the holidays. Tis the season.

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