Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bedlam 2010

bedlam  noun  (bedləm)
A place or situation of chaotic uproar, and where confusion prevails.

In Oklahoma, college football rules the Fall and Winter season and at the end of every regular season Bedlam takes center stage.  Bedlam is the rivalry game between the state's top universities, The University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University.  Check out the elaborate definition and history of The Bedlam Series at Wikipedia, its actually quite interesting.

However, the only tidbit of information you really need to know is that Oklahoma currently leads the series 82-16-7.   The other interesting piece of information is that Chase and I are on opposite sides of the Bedlam rivalry, which leads to some pretty interesting game days.

This year Bedlam was only a few short days removed from our wedding so it was extra special and exciting.  And I must mention that Paisley (our dog) is an OU fan.  


We decided to ride to Stillwater for the game in style.


And I was forced to tailgate with a bunch of Pokes.


But we ended up with great seats for the game.  It turned out to be a total showdown.  Very exciting.


In the end, OU was victorious!!  OU:47 - OSU:41

Next stop...Big 12 Championship.


  1. "...Oklahoma currently leads the series 82-16-7"

    I have no idea what this means. Ha! I love it that Paisley is an OU fan.

  2. And I can only imagine how obnoxiously loud you were, in what was probably an OSU section.