Saturday, November 6, 2010

october 31st or as some call it, halloween

Now that the Halloween holiday has passed let's take a look back at how we celebrated this year.

It was the first Halloween in our Dallas home and while we were initially excited about making our porch extra creepy and handing out delicious candy to tons of cute dressed up kids we opted to head back to OKC to attend a friend's halloween party.

But...we definitely did a little bit of decorating and carved our first pumpkin together before we left town.

2010-10-28 20.58.34

2010-10-28 21.59.09

My parents and I handed out candy and had drinks on the front lawn while dressed up in costume.


And Chase and I headed to our halloween party as Clark Kent and Lois Lane, complete with The Daily Planet name tags.


All in all a pretty good Halloween.

Up next...OUR WEDDING!  and Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Crazy and exciting time.

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