Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wedding Traditions: The First Look

There are a lot of wedding traditions that Chase and I will not be doing...mostly because they just aren't our style.  One of the newer traditions that we didn't agree on skipping is the first look.  Turns out Chase is old school on this one.

I know a lot of people who said seeing each other just before the ceremony was so great because it helped calm nerves and it was also a nice intimate moment to have before being displayed in front of hundreds of people.  Some couples and wedding parties even took the group pictures before the ceremony so they wouldn't have to do it afterwards and delay getting to the reception.  I brought up all these points to Chase, they didn't phase him.

As it turns out, Chase is old school.  He doesn't want to see me until I start to walk down that aisle.  Its sweet, I know.  And romantic.  And I appreciate it, I do.  But a part of me still wishes we could have our own private moment, one last time, before we are a married couple.  But...I guess I should give him this one.  Its the only real thing he has had a strong opinion on during the entire planning process.

And because we won't have some cute first look pictures I thought I would share some of these adorable moments.

45 days and counting...

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  1. How cute! We didn't do this either, although I wanted to. I guess there's something to be said for tradition! Just make sure you don't forget to take a few pics of just the two of you before you head to the reception!