Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like fall

In the past week our house has transformed from full on Summer to leaves everywhere Fall.  Our front yard is filling up fast with the quickly turning leaves that are falling constantly from our two giant trees in the yard.  And I love it.

The colors are so bright and natural at the same time and seem to really compliment the front of our house.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased our pumpkins for the front porch and planted a new pot of fall flowers to add a touch of color.  I also threw in some fake spiders around the pumpkins and flowers.  Fake spiders are a must for halloween.

Doesn't our house look so cute?





  1. I like the front door, oh and the decorations are alright too :)

  2. It looks Super cute! And shut up you have double doors and a Bay Window!? u suck. jk I'm just jealous!