Thursday, October 21, 2010

filming our wedding

One of the things Chase and I decided early on in our wedding planning was that we didn't need or want a videographer to video our ceremony or anything else. We thought it was unnecessary and an expense that didn't fit into our budget. BUT, we did want some footage to document the day and catch some of the special moments, so we came up with our own DIY idea. Flip cameras.

The idea is that we will have two flip hd cameras that will be passed around to different people who will be charged with getting some good footage of whats happening. To start the wedding day off, one camera will be with all the guys and one camera with all us girls-- to catch some of the hustle and bustle of the pre-ceremony time. Then we will hand them off to a couple people to get some film of the ceremony. Lastly, we will hand them off to a couple more people at the reception to capture whatever they want.

We think the more raw nature of this way of filming will be far more entertaining than a formal wedding video and much more our style. Plus, the cost is minimal. We even got a great deal on the cameras on

Did you hire a videographer to capture your big day? Or did you go another route like us?

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