Friday, September 3, 2010

its football time in OKLAHOMA

That's right, tomorrow marks the first game of the 2010 University of Oklahoma football season!  I am SO excited.  I absolutely love college football and am a die-hard Sooner fan through and through.

This season should be a good one and so much fun to watch.  I will have my eyes glued to the TV for every single game.  I would even leave a party because the TV is too small to watch the game on.  Just ask my friend Kathleen.

Below is one of my favorite all-time intro videos that gets played at the stadium prior to all home games.  It gives me chills every single time I watch it.  It is the perfect way to get pumped up for the upcoming season.

2008 Gameday Intro # 1 from Oklahoma Football on Vimeo.

I am also loving this OU t-shirt from Tradition Eight.  I am ordering it today.

And last but not least, I am requesting that Chase install our flag poll on the front of our house so I can fly my OU flag on gameday.  (He went to OSU and is a Pokes fan, I will let him fly his flag occasionally.)

Boomer Sooner!  Go OU!

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