Tuesday, September 28, 2010

its almost october

Can you believe it?  Incredible.  The summer absolutely flew by and now its almost October.  And I LOVE October.

I absolutely adore the cool crisp October mornings.  A little bit of dew on the ground, leaves turning slightly orange, smell of fresh fall air.  They are absolutely perfect.

October is the real beginning of football season.  When teams start their conference games instead of the weak and often boring beginning of the year games.  Its also OU Texas which is one of the greatest rivalries and storied games in college football.  And now I live only a couple miles away from all the action.

Its my birthday!  Yep, October 14th.  I will be 26 years old.  Wow...only 4 years from 30. gulp.  But I still love my birthday and I love getting together with friends to celebrate.


Primetime TV is back!  If you know me at all then you know I am obsessed with my tv shows.  And now they are all shiny and new and fun again.

Its less than 2 months until my wedding day.  2 months!  Yowza!  But I can't wait.

Ahh, how I am in love with October.

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