Friday, September 10, 2010

backyard project update

It has been awhile since I posted about our backyard project.  Mostly because after all the extremely hard work and money we put into it I wanted to just enjoy it and enjoy not having to think about "our ugly backyard."  Well, as of late, I am having to give it some thought again.

You see, we have been scorched down here in Texas

Our yard was beautiful, it was fantastic and green and beautiful. Our plants and flowers were blooming and had pops of color.  It was perfect.  That was in May/June, that was when the Texas summer was enjoyable and temperatures were topping out in the low 90s.  Well, that time has passed.  

Come July and into August the weekly forecast was all days in the triple digits.  Our newly planted grass in the backyard started turning brown and our plants started suffering from the hot heat and intense sun. 

The tomatoes have pretty much stopped producing anything.  The grass in the corner parts of our yard is pretty much dead.  We have awful brown remnants of plants in the beds.  Sad but true.

At this point, we aren't really sure what to do.  We got a ton of rain the past couple days, finally.  Hopefully that will help.

Here's to replanting and top-seeding in the early spring.

For now, lets look at the backyard from a few months back and remember.


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