Sunday, August 8, 2010

afraid to fly

In four short days I will be heading to Raleigh/Durham North Carolina to see my long lost friend Liz in her new element.  Liz made a huge life leap and moved to NC about 4 months ago from OKC.  I am jealous.  And I am super excited to hang out, catch up and have her show me around her new hood.

But...I have to get on a plane to get there AND I hate to fly.

I have flown dozens of times, and have lived to tell the story, but every time a flight nears I convince myself I am going to die.

As a child I had no problem flying, as a teenager it became more of a claustrophobic thing and as I hit my 20's it escalated to an intense fear that the flight was going to kill me.  Its weird, I have never had a scary plane ride, never had a family member or friend that was afraid to fly, it just happened.

But I know that to see the things in this world I want to see I must get on a plane.  So I book my flights based on the google images of the type of plane, I take some pills that make me less anxious and I have a drink on the plane to put me completely out of my misery.

North Carolina, here I come.

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  1. If you fly Delta, get Biscoff cookies. They are damn good with a Bloody Mary.