Friday, July 9, 2010

weekend plans

Another week has passed and another weekend of excitement is upon us.  This time instead of being the host (like we have the past few weekends) we are going to be the guests.  Finally.  I am looking forward to relaxing and not having to pick up after someone else constantly -- although I do live with Chase so.

This weekend we are headed to Tulsa, OK to see some of our good friends.  We are staying with one of my best friends Patti (also my Maid of Honor) and spending Saturday at the lake on her boat.  Yes, much needed lake time.

We are also going to stop by one of my other best friends Brittany's and see her new house for the first time.  And we are definitely going to squeeze in some delicious sushi and drinks tonight when we arrive.

Should be a blast!

Me, Brittany and Patti at an OU football game last year

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