Tuesday, July 20, 2010

exploring the metroplex: highland park pharmacy and soda fountain

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While out shopping with my Mom last weekend we came across a little blast from the past...an old fashioned soda fountain.  These are just the little gems from times gone by that make me wish I lived in a different era.


The pharmacy and soda fountain has been in its current location since 1912 and is going on its fifth set of owners who have vowed to keep its historic traditions alive.


This cash register was the register that was used the day the pharmacy opened and until about 5 or 6 years ago it was still being used.  Now it sits up at the front as a showpiece to this landmarks past.


But my favorite part of this entire place was the soda fountain itself.  A long booth down the inside of the store with vintage barstools and a menu straight out of the 50's.  My mom and I split a delicious root beer float made with homemade ice cream.  So yummy.


Chase and I will be going back very soon to try out their grilled pb&j.

So fun to see a place with such history and charm still thriving today!

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