Wednesday, June 30, 2010

becoming organic

More and more Chase and I are becoming organic/green people.  Its not because its the "cool thing" but because we have done some research and organic and green products are healthier for you and your environment.

As our diet has morphed into a more well balanced healthy intake of food we made the switch to buying some organic products and locally grown products.  Luckily, being in Dallas has made this much easier.  I have also slowly switched to green environmentally friendly cleaning products as I began to think more about taking care of our home and our surroundings.  We have also taken some strides with our veggie garden, being able to pluck fresh tomatoes and peppers right out of our backyard.  Nothing more "locally grown" than that.


And we LOVE Target's Archer Farms brand...great organic products at reasonable prices.

We still have a long way to go and it still hurts a little to pay the larger price tags but we are getting there.  This past grocery trip, after reading a very informative article, we made the jump to cage free organic brown eggs.  I had been avoiding this for a long time just because I had a weird mental block with brown colored eggs.  But, after finding out how much more nutritional value you get from a cage free brown egg it was easy to make the switch.

Personal growth people. Love it.

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