Friday, May 21, 2010

weekend plans

What?  Its Friday?  Awesome.

Mellow and domesticated weekend for us here in Dallas.

Weekend plans:
  • Finish the backyard- we have to finish up an area on the far side of the yard and finish up the area by our veggie garden.  Lots of mulch and a few plants should do the trick.  We also have to get some pavers to lay by both our fence entrances by the alley in the back and at the side of the house.
  • Carpet cleaning- our child dog Paisley got sick in a few areas of the carpet and it needs to be cleaned so I am renting a steamer and getting it done.
  • Bed- yes, we are still on the hunt for a bed.  This weekend we are heading to West Elm to check out their options.
  • Whole Foods- a new Whole Foods that is supposed to be HUGE opened up on our side of town so we are going to check it out.  Wine tasting, cheese tasting= yes please.
  • Date night- Dinner and going to see Robin Hood at our fav movie theater (where we sneak in our own wine!)
  • Under the sun- still deciding on what outdoor activity we will be doing this weekend...probably some mountain bike riding.
Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Circa 2005

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