Thursday, May 20, 2010

bootcamp and carbs

In preparation for Chase and I's big day I have made a few life changes to try and look my best (he has too).

The biggest thing is my new bootcamp class. I joined a small personal gym close to our house that has daily bootcamp classes designed to push you to the edge and really focus on getting you healthy and fit. It has been great. Not only am I in much better shape, I have also gained a lot of flexibility (I had zero before). It kicks my butt most nights but it feels great afterwards and I am starting to see and feel serious results.

The next biggest change of late is saying NO to carbohydrates. This has been extremely hard for me because I absolutely love carbs! I am an addict, always have been. I decided to completely give up carbs for the month before our engagement photos (June 13) and then after the photos focus on using carbs sparingly and in the right way. Luckily, Chase has a wealth of knowledge about pairing the right carbs with the right foods and at the right times of day. I really want to learn how to eat right without completely depriving myself of all things good. Chase and I together also made the decisions to really limit the intake of red meat. Chase still has a cheeseburger every now and then but for the most part we are trying to eat more fish and chicken as our protein sources.

The upcoming wedding has really made us take on some life changes but these are things that will make us healthier, happier people in the long run so we welcome the challenges.


  1. Have you ever tried quinoa? It's a super grain. I'm also really digging short grained brown rice.

    P.S. You look already look killer.

  2. I have not tried quinoa. Will have to look into that. And thanks! : )