Sunday, May 2, 2010

bed hunting

When Chase and I moved to Dallas we took his bedroom set from highschool. It wasn't exactly our current taste but it was nice solid wood furniture and it was free. After having the bed for a couple months we noticed a squeaking problem (and no, not from that). We decided that we wanted to sell the bed and the dresser and nightstand that went along with it and start rebuilding our bedroom furniture piece by piece.

We are now living like college kids with our boxspring and mattress on the floor while we search for a new bed. Its harder than you might think.

We want a platform bed, something low profile but not uber modern and contemporary that we won't like it in 5 years. Something made of solid wood that is an actual 'piece' of furniture. Our wish list is harder to find than we thought when we factor in our budget, $800 and under. Most beds that fit in that price range don't get past Chase's shaking and lifting inspection.

So this is where I am at now...

Jackson bed from Crate & Barrel
Como bed from Macy's
Wood platform combined with low wood cut headboard from West Elm

What are you thoughts?  Any other good sources for beds?  We need help.

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