Thursday, April 29, 2010

laying sod

Continuing with our backyard makeover, a couple days ago we had 3 flats (1700 sq ft) of St. Augustine grass delivered to our house.

I described the overall process a few posts back, you can check that out here.  It came down to a lot of hard intensive work over 2 days time.

First things first, prepping the yard. This consisted of mostly tilling up the existing grass (what little we had) and working the soil to be flat and ready for sod. We rented a rototiller and a roller from Home Depot, total cost $65.



We ordered the sod from Miller Grass, a local sod farm.  The sod is harvested fresh daily and the people there were super knowledgeable.  The sod was in fantastic shape.  The total cost was $611 delivered.



Once the sod was at the house the next 5 to 6 hours was carrying sod out to the yard and placing it. We had to make sure the pieces fit snug up next to each other and got patted down into the soil. We also had to do quite a bit of cutting around the trees and edges of the yard.



After all the sod was placed the backyard had instant grass! The next step is making sure to soak the yard with water for the next month to insure that the sod takes root to the soil. No walking on the grass for awhile and our water bill is going to be huge!!


Our new grass backyard:

We have a few more small projects in the back but its starting to look really good!

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