Wednesday, April 28, 2010

and the trees came down

One of the bigger investments we made in our backyard project was paying for tree limb removal and general tree cleanup.  We have 5 trees in our backyard that have pretty much been left alone to grow wild all over the place.  We knew we needed to trim off a lot of dead limbs but after having a few arborists or "tree whisperers" (self proclaimed nickname) out to the house we realized we might need to make a bigger investment and really clean and shape up our trees.




One of the biggest advantages of the tree work is getting a lot more sun into our backyard.  Previously it was pretty much entirely shade for 70% of the day...this caused problems when it came to planting flowers and veggies that need sunlight.  Now we have a lot more sun coming in which means better growth and an all around happier back yard.

Now that the trees are cleaned up, let the sod work begin!!

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