Friday, July 31, 2009

Mini Start

About 3 mornings a week I stroll into our Bricktown Starbucks and grab my tall Pike Place roast with non-fat steamed milk. Delicious. And a perfect way to start my work day.

Earlier this week, when I made the decision to buy and load a Starbucks card to avoid the monontanous checkbook balancing of the $1.73 three times a week, I noticed this new "little" card.

Its perfect for me! It is a little mini card that goes on your key chain. You just hand your keys to the cashier, swipe and go! Another genius idea from Starbucks!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amazon Shopping Spree

As of late I am becoming more and more interested in things related to fashion. I have always taken pride in my appearance but not really into "fashion." Not sure where its coming from but I am riding the wave.

After my mom got the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style I went searching for some new reads. I found some good ones and made a nice little order.


I heard about this book by Nina Garcia from a friend and had to find it.

Then I found this book by stylist Rachel Zoe and added that to my shopping cart.

I feel this intense need to redefine my style. We'll see what happens.

p.s. I also snatched a couple non-style books while I was logged in.

I was inspired to get this by recently re-watching Six Feet Under.

And of course I had to get some sappy novel that would make me cry.

I love Amazon!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Book: Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style

A new perk of living at home is getting to share er steal the books that your family members buy.

Recently my mom purchased the book The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. It is an edition of Lucky magazine fashion books.


The book is amazing. It explores all different style types from 'California Casual' to 'Posh Eclectic' and all the mixes in between.

For each style it points out the key pieces to pull that style type off and then puts together great outfits showcasing those key pieces.


I loved looking through the book to try to find not only my style but the style types of all my friends. Liz= bombshell, Kathleen= posh eclectic/mod

It also gives you tips on taking each style to the store and what to look for. It is really a great map to any fashion you want to pull off.


I love it. It makes me want to take a huge trashcan to my room, throw every piece of clothing I have away and start from scratch!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not 10 Anymore

This weekend I found out the hard way that I am not 10 years old anymore.

To kick off the 4th of July holiday weekend, a group of my friends and I paid homage to our 10 year old selfs and went Slip n Sliding!


The actual slip n slide is an old outdoor vinyl from one of our clients at work. Its a whopping 14 x 48 feet! A little bigger than the crocadile alley slip n slide we had when we were kids.


We hooked up the hose at my old duplex and ran it across the street to the park. We soaked the vinyl down with water and baby oil to make sure it was nice and slippery. And then, we let loose!


We proceeded to slip n slide for the next 3 hours. Pain started to settle in after about an hour. I have also never had so much mud and grass in places where it doesn't belong.


But, as you can see...we had A LOT of fun!


And, we did save the vinyl so we can break it out again before the summer is over. We will just have to be prepared for the pain that our 10 year old bodies didn't seem to feel.

Friday, July 3, 2009

My new living space

A new journey in my pseudo single life has begun. I have come full circle back to my roots, living with my parents.

I am sure several of my posts in the future will be about this experience. But, I thought I would start things off by showing you my new room!


This is my same bedroom from when I was a kid. Looks a little different now. Fortunately for me, my parents just finished a remodeling project in this wing of the house. The bedroom and bathroom are all new.


My whole goal when moving out of my parents house was to get the "office" out of the bedroom. We are back to square one.

So far (5 days) it hasn't been so bad. More stories to come I'm sure.