Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Health Upgrades

I am just going to ignore the fact that I have not posted in over a month. Honestly, I am debating if I even have the desire to keep this blog going. But I am going to continue to post and see if my "want" picks back up again.

We all know that with a new year brings new resolutions. And by far the #1 resolution is to lose weight or get healthy. This year I jumped on the bandwagon. While weight is something I want to change for me it was more about getting my body back in shape. I had become almost sedentary while also eating a bunch of junk all the time. I felt sluggish, my skin was extra oily, my mind was bored...I needed a change.

So I made a few decisions to get myself in gear. And my motivation - having another baby! I told myself awhile back that I needed to get back in shape and get close to a goal weight before I could get pregnant again. I am hoping that will help keep me on track.

The Changes

1. Fitbit Force- my awesome boss got all of us employees Fitbit Force's for Christmas. I was considering buying one prior to that so I was super excited. Its really neat to see what kind of activity you are doing throughout the day and it adds a level of competition. I have started to slack a bit but mostly bc the weather has not been condusive to running. Getting back at it!

2. Paleo- I used to make fun of all those Paleo people and their obsession with it. It seemed silly to me for some reason. But when I evaluated what I was eating I realized that eliminating carbs and overly processed food in favor of lots of vegetables, lean meats and fruit was a great idea. It has gone pretty well. The hardest part for me is lunch...I just can't do salads everyday and I am impatient when it comes to preparing food for lunch. I have had fun making new meals at dinnertime and its even making me a better cook in the kitchen. Bonus!

3. Cleanse- Back in October I did my first ever juice cleanse. The 3 Day Cleanse was particularly challenging but in a good way. A couple weeks ago I opted to do a 2 day quick cleanse with juices that I made myself. It was a nice little restart for my body and I think I will do one of these every couple months.

4. Running/Working Out- I don't enjoy running. I will never enjoy running. But I feel good when I am done and I enjoy the benefits of it. So I make myself run. I have been running 2-3 days (sometimes more) a week, usually around 2 miles. I can tell that my body is in better shape so it feels good to be doing it. I also mix in Jillian DVDs, the 7 Min Scientific workout and other activities to keep me moving.

5. Water- I have always enjoyed drinking water and do it throughout the day but I never get as much as I should. I have tried to be very conscious about drinking upwards of 80oz a day or more. On the days where I drink more water I defintely feel "cleaner" - even though I have to pee all. the. time.

6. 80/20 Rule- You only live once. I enjoy being lazy on ocassion. I enjoy eating fried foods and a bowl full of macaroni and cheese. You can't totally deprive yourself or its just not worth it. Everything in moderation. I give myself a cheat meal every week and have 1-2 days where I don't work out at all.

So have all these upgrades paid off? Yes, absolutely. I have seen changes on the scale, although I have a long way to go, and I definitely feel better. Your body is the only one you get, you have to treat it right. Plus...gotta get myself ready to make another baby!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Molly: TWO

So I realize how incredibly late I am with this post. Molly is now 26 months (I know, I know...stop with the months thing now). Time has gotten away from me a little bit with the holidays that started up immediately following her birhday. I sincerely intended to get this post up the week afer her birthday but life happened. And its been fun and super busy around here! But I will not miss the big TWO post. Seriously, I have a two year old. Mind blowing.

This past year our little baby has truly grown into a little girl. Almost all remnants of her babyhood are gone. No more chubby cheeks, no more waddling, no more gummy smiles...its all running, talking, wide-eyed take on the world kid around here now. And its so much fun.

Molly is always up for an adventure and is a ball of energy. She is easy going as it relates to her schedule and we are often going, going, going. She seems to love it.

She has a very full personality and is quite the little goofball. She knows when she makes you laugh and then takes it up a notch! She likes to "perform" for people and has no problem being the center of attention. She loves to play games and do anything daring. She will sweet talk you with her words and cute little smile...and she knows it. Such a handful, but so worth it.

I love spending time with her, we have so much together. At one time I couldn't really imagine how this little baby would turn into my best friend but she did. I really enjoy having her by my side and she makes me smile a million times a day.

Smart. So smart. I look at Chase at least 5 times a day in amazement at something she has said or done. Her memory blows me away. She is so good at remembering people's names and something about them. A trait I wish I had! She thinks logically and strategically, which I didn't even know was possible. Its so cool to see her little brain at work.

Molly, my beautiful little girl. You are growing so fast and Dad and I are SO proud of you. You make each of our days better. Watching you grow up and turn into such a little person has been a joy. You have so much love and kindness towards other people, its infectious. These past two years have been incredible...I can't wait to see where all of our tomorrows takes us! We love you always and forever! XO


Weight-Around 26lbs
Height- 33"

Slight obession with Kinder Eggs and watching them on YouTube
Loves playing with her friends at school
Her new play kitchen
Watching Mommy cook
Baby dolls!

Not getting what she wants
Having to go to bed
Not being able to play outside
Putting on her jacket

Such a talker. She is always saying something. Either telling us about something, asking us a question, talking to her baby dolls. We can have a complete conversation with no issues. Sometimes it feels like I am just talking with a friend. She fully pronounces her words so she is very easy to understand which is nice!

Within the last couple months she has started waking up several times a night crying. Either a bad dream or just restless, we aren't sure. Usually it just takes a couple pats on the back and she is sleeping again but some nights she wakes up 4 or times!  A bit exhausting for us. We made the mistake of bringing her into our bed when she is up early in the morning and I think its proving to come back and bite us!

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